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The Perfect Blend of Style, Performance, and Quality.

Easy to master, easy to control, easy to forget you're riding an e-bike!


The Best Built, Best Performing E-Bikes With A Throttle!


Acey DC E-Bikes seamlessly merge the luxury grade ride performance of an expensive mid-motor system with the versatility and convenience of a throttle-enabled hub-motor. It's a game-changer that delivers the perfect balance of power, control, and exhilaration.

All the Benefits, Control, and Experience of Riding a Bike - But With Always Half the

Whether you're a cycling enthusiast seeking an e-bike that seamlessly integrates with your pedaling style, a rider who enjoys exercise and wants to maintain an active lifestyle, or a casual rider who prioritizes safer control and handling, our bikes are designed to elevate your journey. Unleash your true potential and redefine your expectations of e-bike performance with Acey DC E-Bikes.

Building Better E-bikes Since 2017

Acey DC E-Bikes are an American brand of electric bikes that are custom designed and built exclusively for us.

From luxury-grade ride technology to high-tier parts and accessories, Acey E-Bikes bridge the gap between affordability and the ride performance of the most expensive e-bikes.

With an Acey DC E-Bike, you don't have to choose between the incredibly natural ride, handling, and control of expensive computerized ride technology and the convenience of a low-maintenance hub-motor with a throttle... Because unlike those expensive electric bikes, Acey DC E-Bikes have both!


Discover the difference and experience the extraordinary ride we've created by combining the best features of both worlds...

e-bike and electric bike bottom bracket torque sensor


Acey DC E-Bikes provide a more natural and intuitive riding experience compared to other types of e-bikes. You ride them exactly like a normal bike, but as you pedal, the system measures and amplifies your effort so seamlessly, you'll think your legs are twice as strong and creating all the power!


Our advanced torques sensing ride technology also provides:

  • Superior handling and maneuverability

  • Extended battery range

  • Improved safety and predictability

  • Precise speed control - fast AND slow

  • More familiarity and confidence when you ride.

Smarter Tech, Smoother Ride, Better Performance

Acey Dc E-Bikes use 3x the sensors of ordinary e-bikes and an onboard computer that uses them to know when you're on flat ground or when you need more power on a hill.

It all starts by directly measuring your foot speed and pressure on the pedals by replacing your pedal axle (bottom bracket) with this high-precision torque sensor.


Acey DC E-Bikes exist because expensive mid-motor e-bikes don't work with throttles.


We use the same type of pedal sensing technology they use to create their incredibly natural pedal response, but on an Acey DC E-Bike it controls a powerful, low-maintenance hub-motor that works flawlessly with a throttle.


Acey DC E-Bikes is the only brand to exclusively use this combination of tech and throttle enabled motor exclusively on all models. So, if you want to experience the incredibly smooth response of advanced ride technology with a throttle, look no further - we started Acey DC E-Bikes for you!

E-bike or electric bike geared hub motor

We Guarantee You Won't Find a Better E-Bike For Less!


13Ah Battery:

SAVE $900!

SALE: $1,399!

17Ah Battery:

SAVE $900!

SALE: $1,599!

Life is Better When You Add VENTURE.

The VENTURE is our best combination of tech, performance, and high-quality parts. We'll put the Venture's ride performance and response up against any e-bike at any price!

Available in matte red and matte black.


With a TAILWIND Anywhere Is Possible.

This stylish, light and nimble commuter is quick and athletic. Men and women love the open cockpit feel of the mid-step frame and the forward battery creates a perfectly balanced ride. - Available in white only

13Ah Battery:

SAVE $900!

SALE: $1,199!

17Ah Battery:

SAVE $900!

SALE: $1,399

Eclipse Beach Crusers

Our fast selling ECLIPSE electric beach cruisers are back and better than before!

Available in high-bar or step-thru models, the natural ride response and premium accessories of the Eclipse has elevated this classic to a whole new level!

The Best Built, Best Equipped Electric Beach Cruisers

SAVE $600!

ON SALE: $1,699

2021 Eclipse ST beach cruiser e-bike


Last Chance to get a pearl red Eclipse SS from the previous model year!

This model features top-rated manual disc brakes that seriously outperform the cheap hydraulics used on many popular brands.


SAVE $900!

SALE: $1,199!

2021 Eclipse SS beach cruiser e-bike

We Provide The Most 

For Your Buck.

With Acey DC E-Bikes, you don't have to sacrifice safety, quality, or performance due to a limited budget.


Cheap, low-quality e-bikes are a dime a dozen and purposely built with the cheapest parts available in order to make the cheapest e-bike possible


 Acey DC E-Bikes is an American brand and all of our electric bikes are designed by us and custom built exclusively for us.

Online Store: Our low-overhead, streamlined approach allows us to maintain top-notch performance and quality, making our e-bikes a cost-effective alternative to expensive, high-end brands. By eliminating the retail markups, commissions, distribution costs, and overhead expenses of retail sales, our online store provides our customers over 40% more buying power.

Local Service, Support And Test Rides: At Acey DC E-Bikes, we put our customers first and guarantee excellent customer service.


Our certified e-bike technicians are located in Costa Mesa, providing in-person support, test rides, tune-ups, and warranty repairs. We make sure that you have the best e-bike experience possible and strive to create a friendly, personal, and helpful experience for our customers.

"Real World" Test Rides: Our ride performance and quality rival e-bikes at twice the price, and we can prove it!


Call today and schedule a 15-minute guided test ride on quiet streets, park trails, and a hill to experience our best-in-class ride performance in the real world. You'll also receive riding tips and answers to questions you have as we ride!


Call today and experience what owning an Acey DC E-Bike is all about!

Book your test ride today!


Building Better E-bikes Since 2017

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