E-Bike Registration

Note: Warranty claims require that you register your e-bike before filing a claim.

The benefits of registering your e-bike include:

  • Coming Soon: Member Pages with discounts on panniers, baskets, batteries, tires, tubes and other parts prone to wear and tear. Tariffs on parts and accessories have dealt us a setback on launching this page, but we are sourcing products from other countries and will launch this page in 2020*.

  • Possible theft recovery - we require a frame number for all replacement parts so we can track production runs.

* When the member discount area is available, we'll email a link inviting you to join.


Thank you for registering your e-bike!

Locating Your Serial Number:

Your e-bike's serial number is located on the front of the head tube, at the bottom. The head tube is the part of the frame that holds the front fork and handlebars.