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When a Tailwind has your back,

anywhere is possible.

Get more of what you want and a battery that extends the possibilities.



$2,249 - 13Ah battery
ON SALE: $1,749

Lowest Batter
y Upgrade Online!
$2,449 - 17Ah battery
ON SALE: $1,949

​The Tailwind is the perfect light and nimble commuter for around the corner,
around the block, around the town or around the countryside.

If you like riding a regular bike, you'll LOVE riding the Tailwind!


Athletic, sporty, smooth, and quick, this sleek and stylish commuter is loved for it's maneuverability, comfort and pure riding enjoyment.

The Tailwind's popular mid-bar design and mountain bike geometry provide excellent stability and the ease of stepping over the frame to get on and off.

Like all Acey DC E-Bikes, the Tailwind uses the most advanced type of riding tech that creates a sophisticated pedal response, making it feel like riding a regular bike that's twice as easy to pedal!

The quick-adjust handlebar stem (no tools required) takes only seconds to raise the handlebars, reduce your forward lean and customize your fit and riding style. Nice feature on longer rides to stop and change your weight distribution and be on your way in seconds.

Class 2 E-Bike – 20MPH, 500W Motor, Throttle

Intended Use: Urban, bike paths, hard packed trails and roads

Battery: 13Ah, 624 watt hours.

Range: 20-25 miles throttle only, 35-60 PAS (depends on PAS level.)

PAS: 3, 5 or 9 levels - programmable

Walk Mode: Works on stairs! No pushing or pulling or lugging.

Sensor: Bottom bracket, dual-pedal, torque and speed sensor

Seat Tube: 17”

Step Over Height: 19.5”

Total Weight: 60 pounds (51.2 lbs. - without battery)

Battery: 8.8 pounds

Max Load: 255 pounds (rider + cargo)







With a focus on ride performance, Acey DC E-Bikes are designed

to provide the most intuitive and sophisticated ride possible.

It all starts with the ride technology:

Torque Sensor

Dual-Pedal Bottom Bracket

Our torque sensor delivers an intuitive, predictable and pure bike riding experience - while giving you the pedaling power of a super-hero!

What it is:

Our torque sensor is a high-precision measuring device that replaces your pedal's axle. It continuously measures your natural interaction with the bike (pedal pressure and pedaling speed) to control the PAS and provide equal and proportional power to your input.


​It's the "Gold Standard" for pedal assist that makes your e-bike ride and react like a regular bike, but twice as easy to ride.

​How it works:
On a regular bike, you press harder on the pedals to speed up or climb a hill, softer to slow down.

That's how you ride an Acey DC E-Bike. The torque sensor and PAS take care of the rest.

Sine-Wave Controller (15A)

This sine-wave controller applies power smoothly, makes the motor quieter, reduces motor vibration and creates a consistent and predictable ride.


What it is:

The sine-wave controller is the onboard computer that continually processes your input to determine your needs and apply power. It controls all electronics, including the lights.


How it works:

Using multiple data points from sensors, our custom algorithm can tell the difference between needing power to speed up, maintain a pace or climb a hill.


Smooth, but powerful response.

With great precision, it controls the motor's response with firm but smooth power. It's quick and controlled - no uncontrolled bursts or runaway acceleration.

The instant response of the controller, combined with the precision of the torque sensor, provides the ultimate ride.

500 Watt Geared Hub Motor

Power and torque to make molehills out of mountains and whisk you down the trail/road.

What it is:

Geared hub motors are light and small, often going unnoticed behind the rear gears and brake disc.

Don't let appearances fool you:

Our powerful 500 watt motor has 45Nm of torque and an automatic "beast mode" with up to 864 peak watts to flatten hills, conquer the wind and stay with traffic through an intersection from a stop.

How it works:

The key to our hub motor's efficiency is three planetary gears inside the motor. They allow it to run at its peak speed - even when the wheels are turning faster or slower than the motor.

Motor speed and torque.

Increasing one decreases the other. Our motors are in the middle, providing balanced strength and quickness. They are not speed motors, but the Tailwind's narrow tires make it our quickest e-bike.

Samsung Cell Batteries - 13Ah, 624WH

The "fuel tank" for your PAS with enough juice to take you from A to B. And to C, D, E...

Samsung cells are synonymous with electric vehicles because of performance and reliability.


Venture/Tailwind - The commuter's batteries are semi-integrated in the down tube and feature 25% more battery, for longer distances.


  • 48V, 13Ah, 624 watt hours

  • Port for charging on or off the bike.

  • USB charging port

  • LED battery level indicator

Programmable Color Display

The display is center mounted so you never fully take your eyes off where you're going.Quickly see the info you need at a glance - in direct sunlight or while wearing sunglasses.

The large circle surrounding your digital speed display shows MPH on the left side, battery wattage use on the right (back tire off the ground in photo, so not using much wattage).

  • Ergonomic control is operated by the left thumb.

  • Choose 3, 5 or 9 levels of assist.

  • Password protection option

  • Use "Walk Mode" to walk your e-bike up stairs!

  • USB charging port

The display tracks and displays:

  • Speed

  • Real-time battery usage

  • Odometer

  • Trip info (time, distance)

  • Range remaining on battery (in miles)

  • Calories burned

  • Top speed (lifetime)

  • Average speed (lifetime)

Half Twist Throttle

You don't have to use a throttle, but you'll always be glad it's there:


  • A throttle is a head start for your pedaling when starting from a stop, no matter what gear you stop in. Twist to quickly get to pedaling speed.

  • It's quick acceleration to safety when the light turns yellow after you enter an intersection.

  • It's the ability to take a rolling rest break when you're getting back into shape, rehabbing from an injury or just feeling "bleh" after a long day.


  • It's the ability to ride with friends - all with different riding skills and physical fitness levels - and stay together as a group. Nobody falls behind. Nobody needs to stop for frequent rest breaks. And nobody will insist on shortening the ride because they're tired.

The Tailwind features a half-twist throttle located on the right grip. If you need a thumb throttle, we can arrange. We use twist throttles because it's easier to clamp you hand over the throttle, holding it in place as you normally grip for constant, steady speed. We do have left thumb throttles in stock.


Because the safety, rideability and quality of an electric
bike are only as good as the "bike."

Here are some of the features of the Tailwind:

Aluminum Frames

The Tailwind electric bike frame is made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy - strong, safe, light, durable and corrosion and rust resistant.

Lightweight aluminum frames are popular on all bikes, but important on e-bikes to offset the weight of the motor and battery. It also makes the electric bike more efficient and easier to pedal than a heavier steel frame.

The down tube (from steering head to pedals) is engineered to provide stability and strength while also holding the battery inside the tube.


All Acey DC E-Bikes have a clear coat of paint. In the case of the Tailwind, white and mint green have a high gloss shine, while the black has a matte coat that pebbles the surface, refracting the reflection and causing a "dull shine."


Technical: According to Wikipedia, T6 is the strongest 6061 aluminum alloy. It has an "ultimate tensile strength" of at least 42,000 psi (pounds per square inch). The fatigue limit under cyclic load is 14,000 psi for 500,000,000 completely reversed cycles.

E-Bike Rated, Flat Resistant Tires

SIZE: 26" x 1.75"

TYPE: Schwalbe Marathon with 3mm GreenGuard

4.5 STARS:  Durability, Dry Grip, Flat Protection

3.5 Stars: Speed, Wet Grip.


Getting a flat tire on ANY bike is a buzzkill. When it happens a mile down the road or halfway to school or work, you can only hope your day gets better.


No worries, the Tailwind's Schwalbe Marathon tires have 3mm of flat protection with their GreenGuard technology.


The Original

The archetypal high quality touring tire. The highly elastic GreenGuard layer is 3 mm thick. One third of the GreenGuard is made up of recycled latex products. The “Anti-Aging” sidewall can withstand cracking from overloading or insufficient inflation pressure.


E-Bike ready, approved and tested for electric bikes up to 30 mph.

Front and Rear Lights

The AXENDO 60 headlight and Elips 6-LED taillight are powered by the main battery and controlled by the thumb control and the light sensor on the display.


The Axendo 60 is a bright, dependable headlight with 2 high-power REBEL© LEDs and features the unique Reverse Beam Technology© which projects an impressive 60 Lux light output in a bright – but non-blinding – light beam. Aluminum and stainless steel construction for durability and long life.

The Elips taillight has 6 super-bright LED lights in an elliptical ring around a large reflector. The rear light functions as a brake light during the day and a very powerful taillight at night.

The lights are turned on manually by pressing and holding the light button on the control pad for 2 seconds.

The light sensor on the display will automatically turn on the front and rear lights when you enter a tunnel, ride in the shadows under a forest canopy or as the sun sets.

SR Suntour Suspension Fork

SR Suntour NEX suspension fork with 63mm of travel and preload adjustment smooths your way down a bike path or city street....

Suntour NEX suspension forks are perfect for smoothing your commute, bike path adventures and wanderlust.

A suspension fork that offers a coil spring with preload adjustment, alloy lowers and 28mm nickel plated stanchions. Intended for urban, trek and commuting.



  • Alloy lowers

  • Steel alloy stanchion with nickel plated finish

  • Coil spring with preload adjuster under cap

  • Front Axle Type: Quick Release

  • Negative Spring: Coil

  • Positive Spring: Coil

  • Stanchion Diameter: 28mm

  • Steerer Type: Straight

  • Travel: 63mm

8-Speed Drivetrain

We use higher-quality components for performance, rideability and longevity.


The Tailwind features the smooth and dependable shifting from Shimano Acera and Altus components.


The RapidFire Plus shifter moves the chain up and down through the gears with reliable precision. A pull of the index finger shifts to higher gears, a press with the thumb shifts to lower gears. A hard press with the thumb skips gears through the downshift - perfect for quickly down-shifting when coming to a stop or to change gears when approaching hills.

​​T = Teeth on Gear

The Tailwind has a large, 42T chain ring at the pedals and 11-32T gear set. The combination provides a wide range of gearing (from hills to flatlands) to make your ride easy and comfortable at every speed.

You won't look like a hamster in a wheel, legs a whirling blur, when you ride your Tailwind at top speed. You'll always find the perfect gear for your speed, terrain and riding style.

Manual Disc Brakes

​Going fast means the need for more stopping power. More stopping power means more friction on the disc. More friction on the disc can lead to overheating your brakes and warping your discs...

From oversized discs to strong and dependable brakes, the Tailwind was designed to stop before it was designed to go.

The Tektro Aries braking system is one of the top manual brake systems and have better stopping power than cheap hydraulic brakes. They're easy to pull, have excellent modulation, and are easy to adjust.


We combined these powerful brakes with larger, 180mm discs on the front and rear for amazing stopping power and critically important heat dissipation.


​​Brake Levers

The brake levers are also motor cut-off switches and a slight squeeze will kill the motor without applying the brakes. They also activate your rear light as a brake light during daylight hours. (At night we use all six LEDs to make sure you're seen from behind.)

Suspension Seat Post and Saddle

Roads aren't always smooth, but that doesn't mean you have to feel every little imperfection...

Suspension Seat Post

The Tailwind features an adjustable Promax suspension seat post with 40mm of travel. Adjust the rebound (softness) to fit your weight and road conditions with a twist of the cap under the rubber protective boot - no tools required.


It's called a saddle, but it attaches to a "seat" post. Like you, we don't care what you call it, as long as it's durable and comfortable.


The Tailwind features Freccia gel saddles from Selle Royal, an Italian company known for more than 50 years of quality.

It's a versatile saddle for a versatile e-bike. The Freccia is designed for the Athletic riding position of the Tailwind's geometry and is particularly suitable for trekking and commuting.

Foam Matrix

The foam matrix open cell structure confers increased elasticity and breathability to guarantee a durable and comfortable saddle.


Integrated Clip System

A patented clip system positioned at the rear of the saddle for easy attachment of a Selle Royal saddle bag, flashing lights or other accessory.

Rear Rack

No rattle. No jiggle. No weak attachment points.


The Tailwind's rack is aluminum and securely bolted directly to the seat stays. It has a spring clamp to secure smaller cargo and compatible with panniers or saddle bags.


  • The tail light is attached to the rear of the rack.

  • The rack can hold up to 55 pounds of weight.

  • Solid construction

  • Removeable

  • Matte black


Long arms, short arms; long torso, short torso: people come in all shapes and sizes. So we make the Tailwind as adjustable as possible to adapt to all the different ways that make you unique.

Stop. Adjust. Go. No Tools Required.

Want to change your position (weight distribution) on a long ride?


Want more forward lean to cut through the wind and conserve battery?

Arrive at your destination and want to sit more upright to look around?

Hold the switch on the side of the stem while you lift the handle and rotate the handlebars up or down. Close the handle until it clicks, locking it in place.


It only takes seconds to get a different perspective of the road.


NOTE: The Tailwind's hybrid mountain bike frame has a forward lean and is built for commuting, errands, joyriding and an athletic riding experience. Adjusting the handlebars to the top position will not provide a comfort bike posture.







20MPH, 500W Motor, Throttle on Demand


Urban, bike paths and maintained trails and roads

--- FIT ---


REACH: 17.5" (Horizontal distance between the center of the bottom bracket and the center of the top of the head tube.)


STAND OVER - Sloping Top Bar

  - At seat tube: 29”

  - Standing zone in front of seat: 24”

  - Recommended height: 5'2" to 5"10"

TOTAL WEIGHT: 57.6 pounds (48.8 lbs. + 8.8 lbs. battery)



275 pounds = rider + cargo



BATTERY: 13Ah (624Wh) battery with genuine Samsung 18650 Cells - standard 800 charge cycles and 4-6 hour charge.


CONTROLLER: Advanced 15A sine-wave controller


CHARGER: D-Power 54.6V, 2.0A charger


BRUSHLESS GEARED HUB MOTOR:500W Brushless Bafang Geared Hub Motor with 45Nm of Torque and 720 peak watts of power.

Backlit Full-Color Bafang LCD. Default shows speed (digital and graph), wattage being used (graph), and trip length. Programmable PAS (3, 5, or 9 levels). Info button toggles the following info on the display: Trip Time, Odometer, Max Spd, Avg. Spd, Range remaining, Calories burned, Battery Status. There's also a Light sensor which automatically turns on your lights at dark.

Front Spanninga Axendo 60 Lux LED Headlight, Rear Spaninga Elips - both are wired to main battery and controlled with the display.


User programmable for 3, 5 or 9 levels.



Press and hold the minus key on the control pad and your bike will "walk" beside you - even up steps and staircases!

Authentic Bottom Bracket Torque Sensor with Internal Cadence Sensor, Light Sensor in display.



Max. speed = 20mph. Right half-twist throttle.

Internally routed through the frame, water resistant connectors.

1 Display, 1 Battery: 5V, .5 Amp