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About Us.

Acey DC E-Bikes Are the Result of Our Relentless Pursuit of the Ultimate Riding Experience.


Our electric bikes are defined by quality components, advanced riding tech and investment into the best riding experience possible.


Established in 2017 in Costa Mesa, we began designing and manufacturing our own line of e-bikes because we couldn't find the quality and features we wanted at a fair price.


We're All About Ride Quality:

Our focus is on designing and building e-bikes that respond and feel like a regular bike when you pedal them, but have a throttle for moments where you need power on demand.


To achieve this, we use the same advanced, precision ride tech that makes a mid-drive e-bike famous for its ride quality, but we prefer the power of a quieter, low maintenance geared hub motor. And a throttle.


The result is one of the most unique and natural pedaling experiences available at any price! And if you love hub motors like we do, you'll especially appreciate the "rear wheel drive" feeling that a hub motor adds to an e-bike.

Unique. Original. Acey DC E-Bikes.

Call to schedule a test ride today!


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