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It's Back In Black.

And Pearl Blue and Pearl Green.


Eclipse SS
High-Bar Electric Beach Cruiser

 Eclipse ST
Step-Thru Electric Beach Cruiser


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The ECLIPSE is defined by style, comfort, and the most advanced ride tech available!

Old-School Style and Comfort, High-Tech Performance.

The Eclipse is inspired by the original California beach cruisers and stay true to the original look and comfortable ride.


As comfortable at the ride's end as it was at the beginning!

​If you love to take in the world around you as you ride, you'll love the comfort and upright riding style of the Eclipse beach cruiser!

The suspension seat and seat post, wider 2.2" flat resistant tires, and vibration dampening steel fork combine to upgrade the comfort and rideability that made this American original famous.

It's Just Like Riding a Bike!

The Eclipse mimics riding a regular bike with a natural, confident feeling that’s instantly familiar and easy to master.


You ride them like any other bike: Press harder on the pedals to speed up, softer to slow down.

Our SMART technology - sensors, electronics, and onboard computer smoothly blends equal motor power when you ride normally, and extra power when it senses you're riding uphill or into the wind!

Class 2 E-Bike – 20MPH - Throttle and PAS

Intended Use: Streets, maintained bike paths and roads.

Motor: 500 watt with up to 864 peak watts when you need it!

Battery: 13Ah, 624 watt hours!

Range: 20-25 miles throttle, 35-65+ miles PAS

PAS: 3, 5 or 9 levels - programmable

Walk Mode: Works on stairs! No pushing or pulling or lugging.

Sensors: Dual-pedal bottom bracket torque sensor, crank speed sensor, bike speed sensor, and light sensor to automatically turn on your lights.

Frame Style: Step-Thru - Eclipse ST, High-Bar - Eclipse SS


Seat tube: 18”
Stand Over: 29"
Recommended minimum inseam: 30”



Seat tube: 17”

​Step Over Height: 17"

Fit: 5’2” - 5’10” for best fit to frame.

Total Weight: 62 pounds (53.4 lbs. - without battery)
Battery: 8.8 pounds
Max Load: 275 pounds (rider + cargo)
Charger: 2 Amp, 4-6 hour charging time.







With a focus on ride performance, Acey DC E-Bikes are designed

to provide the most intuitive and sophisticated ride possible.

It all starts with the ride technology:

Dual-Pedal Bottom Bracket

Torque Sensor

A torque sensor creates an intuitive, predictable and natural bike riding experience that makes you forget you're riding an e-bike!

What it is:

We replace your pedal's axle with a high-precision measuring device, called a torque sensor. "Dual pedal" means it measures both pedals separately, a more precise and advanced tech.


It constantly measures your natural interaction with the bike (pedal pressure, pedal speed) and combines it with your bike speed to provide motor effort that equals your effort. The proportional power provides a "real bike" response that makes it twice as easy to pedal!

A bottom bracket torque sensor is the "Gold Standard" for pedal assist and allows our e-bikes to mimic the way a regular bike responds to your effort on the pedals. The result is a ride so natural, you'll forget you're riding an e-bike!

​How it works:
Just like a regular bike, you press harder on the pedals to speed up or climb a hill, softer to slow down. The torque sensor feels even the lightest pressure change, and controls the motor to exactly match your effort. Even the slightest adjustments you make while riding impact the performance of the e-bike.

Onboard Computer - Controller (18A)

The onboard computer uses 3 data points to create a 3D view of your ride and applies power smoothly to create a consistent and predictable ride.


What it is:

The sine wave controller is the onboard computer that continually processes your input to determine your needs and apply power. It controls all electronics, including the lights.


How it works:

Using multiple data points from sensors, our custom algorithm can tell the difference between needing power to speed up, maintain a pace or climb a hill and applies the appropriate power.


Smooth, but powerful response.

Our custom programming applies power on a curve; it starts smoothly and accelerates quickly. It feels like a bike quickly picking up speed when coasting down a steep hill, not a motorcycle blasting off at a green light.

500 Watt Geared Hub Motor

Power and torque to make molehills out of mountains and whisk you down the trail/road.

What it is:

Geared hub motors are light and small, often going unnoticed behind the rear gears and brake disc.

Don't let appearances fool you:

Our powerful NEW 500 watt motor has a whopping 61Nm of torque and an automatic "beast mode" with up to 864 peak watts to flatten hills, conquer the wind and stay with traffic through an intersection from a stop.

How it works:

The key to our hub motor's efficiency is three planetary gears inside the motor. They allow it to run at its peak speed - even when the wheels are turning faster or slower than the motor.

Motor speed and torque:

Increasing one decreases the other. Our motors are in the middle, providing balanced strength and quickness. They are not speed pedelec motors and are made for maximum torque at a max speed of 22.5mph.

Samsung Cell Batteries

The "fuel tank" for your electric bike with enough juice to take you from A to B. And to C, D, E...

Samsung cells are synonymous with electric vehicles because of performance and reliability. With proper care, they should provide reliable power mile after mile, charge after charge.


Eclipse SS/ST - The cruiser batteries lock securely inside the rear rack (see Rack photo) and are easily hidden beneath saddlebags for stealth. The back of the battery is equipped with a large reflector and bright multi-LED lights.


  • 48V, 13Ah, 624 watt hours

  • Port for charging on or off the bike.

  • USB charging port

  • LED battery level indicator

  • Rear light

  • Power switch and light switch

  • 4-6 hour charge time, 2 Amp charger

  • Range: 45-65+ miles PAS, 20-25 mile throttle only. Varies in wind, hills.

Programmable Color Display

The display is center mounted so you never fully take your eyes off where you're going.Quickly see the info you need at a glance - in direct sunlight or while wearing sunglasses.

The large circle surrounding your digital speed display shows MPH on the left side, battery wattage use on the right (back tire off the ground in photo, so not using much wattage).

  • Display and PAS control is operated by the left thumb.

  • Choose 3, 5 or 9 levels of assist.

  • Password protection option

  • Use "Walk Mode" to walk your e-bike up stairs!

  • USB charging port

The display tracks and displays:

  • Speed

  • Real-time battery usage

  • Odometer

  • Trip info (time, distance)

  • Range remaining on battery (in miles)

  • Calories burned

  • Top speed (lifetime)

  • Average speed (lifetime)

Half Twist Throttle

The Eclipse has ergonomic grips (solid rubber for vibration dampening) covered in a durable, hand-stitched faux leather wrap.


The half-grip twist throttle is on the left grip so your left hand controls the electronic speed controls and your right hand controls the mechanical speed.


You don't have to use a throttle, but you'll always be glad it's there:


  • A throttle is a head start for your pedaling when starting from a stop, no matter what gear you stop in. Twist to quickly get to pedaling speed.

  • It's quick acceleration to safety when the light turns yellow after you enter an intersection.

  • It's the ability to take a rolling rest break when you're getting back into shape, rehabbing from an injury or just feeling "bleh" after a long day.


  • It's the ability to ride with friends - all with different riding skills and physical fitness levels - and stay together as a group. Nobody falls behind. Nobody needs to stop for frequent rest breaks. And nobody will insist on shortening the ride because they're tired.

  • Twisting the throttle and lightly clamping down on the grip holds a continuous speed without fatigue.


Because the safety, rideability and quality of an electric
bike are only as good as the "bike."

Here are some of the features of the Eclipse SS:

Aluminum Frame - Steel Fork

The Eclipse SS frame is designed with the classic, laid-back look of a California beach cruiser. The frame geometry seats you in an upright, comfortable riding position that lets you look around and enjoy the journey.


The frame was designed for the rigors of an electric bike and made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy - strong, safe, light, durable and corrosion and rust resistant.

Lightweight aluminum frames are popular on all bikes, but important on e-bikes to offset the weight of the motor and battery. The lighter weight also makes the Eclipse more efficient and easier to pedal than a heavier steel frame.

Steel Fork:

While aluminum is light and strong, it's also rigid. An aluminum fork can make your hands feel every little bump and imperfection. Steel forks are naturally more flexible and "springier" - providing vibration dampening qualities and a more comfortable ride mile after mile.


All Acey DC E-Bikes have a clear coat of paint. In the case of the Eclipse SS, it's a clear coat that adds amazing shine and vibrancy to the paint. You can see the depth of color and the variations of hue in direct light.


E-Bike Rated, Flat Resistant Tires

Durable, Grippy, Street Tires With 3mm of Flat Protection


SIZE: 26" x 2.1"

TYPE: Kenda Kranium


The Kenda Kranium is a street tire made to have excellent grip and durability on streets and a variety of surfaces and hard-packed conditions.


Kraniums are a directional tire with some micro knurling added for good measure. We're using the standard 2.10 size with a 65psi rating.


They also feature:

  • Folding bead and 60tpi casing keep things light but still maintain durability.

  • Dual Tread Compound (DTC) for speed and cornering grip.

  • Front and Rear application.

Front and Rear Lights

The AXENDO 60 headlight and LED taillight are powered by the main battery. The headlight is controlled by the thumb control and the light sensor on the display. The rear light is manually activated by a switch on the bottom of the battery.


The Axendo 60 is a bright, dependable headlight with 2 high-power REBEL© LEDs and features the unique Reverse Beam Technology© which projects an impressive 60 Lux light output in a bright – but non-blinding – light beam. Aluminum and stainless steel construction for durability and long life.

The taillight is built into the battery and features a bright LED light and a large reflector.

The headlight is turned on manually by pressing and holding the light button on the control pad for 2 seconds. The rear light has a switch beneath the lights, on the bottom of the battery.

The light sensor on the display will automatically turn on the front light when you enter a tunnel, ride under a forest canopy or as the sun sets.

Adjustable Handlebars

The sweeping, Promax handlebars are custom made to meet your hands in just the right spot, creating relaxed shoulders and a comfortable, upright posture.

Tall or short, long arms or short arms, you'll always get a comfortable fit with the Promax adjustable stem. (The "stem" is the component that holds your handlebars and secures them to the bike.)

Comfort is a personal thing, so whether you like your hands high, neutral or low while riding, you can adjust the handlebars to match your comfort preference and riding style.

The stem is easily adjusted by loosening the 6mm hex bolt on the underside and rotating the top of the stem up or down before re-tightening. Then loosen one 5mm hex bolt on the handlebar clamp until the handlebars move easily and re-tighten securely after you adjust the handlebar angle.



  • Never move the handlebars while under pressure of the clamp or you could strip them and require replacement.


  • Do NOT loosen or tighten the factory set bolts on the sides with the yellow warning stickers around them!


We use quality components for performance, rideability and longevity.


The Eclipse features the quality precision of smooth and dependable shifting from Shimano Altus components.


The Rapid Fire shifter reliably moves the chain up and down through the gears with dependable precision. A pull of the index finger shifts to higher gears, a press with the thumb shifts to lower gears. A hard press with the thumb skips gears through the downshift - perfect for quickly down-shifting when coming to a stop or to change gears when climbing hills.

​​T = Teeth on Gear

The Eclipse has a large, 42T chain ring at the pedals and 11-32T SunRace gear set. The combination provides a wide range of gearing (from hills to flatlands) to make your ride easy and comfortable at every speed.

And you'll never look like a hamster in a wheel, legs a whirling blur, when you ride your Eclipse at top speed. You'll always find the perfect gear for your speed, terrain and riding style.


Hydraulic Disc Brakes - E-Bike Rated!

​Going faster on a heavier e-bike requires consistent, dependable stopping power. And these hydraulic brakes were made exactly for that task!

From tires to oversized 180mm discs and powerful hydraulic brakes, the Eclipse was designed to stop before it was designed to go.

The E-350 braking system is an e-bike rated, hydraulic braking system designed specifically for use on electric bikes.


They feature:

  • Dual piston stopping power.

  • Brake cut off switches to kill the motor while braking.

  • Reach adjustment for smaller hands.

  • Low noise resin pad.

Brake Levers

The advantage of hydraulic brakes is they don't require strong hands and can bring the Eclipse to a controlled stop with just two or three fingers!

The brake levers are also motor cut-off switches and a slight squeeze will kill the motor without applying the brakes. This is an important technique when pedaling through turns so the motor does not add power - especially in crowded areas or tight turns.

Suspension Seat Post and Saddle

Roads aren't always smooth, but that doesn't mean you have to feel every little imperfection...

Suspension Seat Post

The Eclipse features an adjustable Promax suspension seat post with 40mm of travel. Adjust the rebound (softness) to fit your weight and road conditions with a twist of the cap under the rubber protective boot - no tools required.


It's called a saddle, but it attaches to a "seat" post. Like you, we don't care what you call it, as long as it's durable and comfortable.


The cruiser seats are Supreme Wave comfort seats, made by KNUS Europe. They feature polymer suspension balls that absorb shock and dampen vibration better than old-school springs. And if you add a child seat to the rack, no worries of little fingers getting pinched in seat springs. 



The seats are so comfortable that you don't think about them during or after the ride. That's because when comfort does it's job, you don't fidget on your seat or walk funny after a long ride. And these saddles are up to that job!


KNUS claims their comfort saddles reduce up to 80% of the pressure on your seated pressure points. This was our favorite of all the saddles we tested, hands down. No "break-in" required.



Vacuum Sealed, Waterproof, Durable

This seat was designed for one thing: comfort. And durability. So two things: comfort and durability. And suspension with vibration dampening, but that's part of comfort, so we'll stick to two things...

Rear Rack

Permanent rack and battery holder is welded to the frame. No rattle. No jiggle. No weak attachment points.


The Eclipse's rack is aluminum and securely locks the battery into place. Charge the battery on or off the Eclipse with easy access to the charging port.