10/10 Returns

NOTE: The best way to ensure you won't have to return your e-bike is to contact us with any questions regarding fit, expectations or uncertainties before your purchase. Our e-bike performance descriptions are 100% accurate for intended riding environments. Please see product descriptions for details.


​Acey DC E-Bikes offers a 10 day, 10 mile return on e-bike purchases. Fees may apply.

Return Shipping Costs:

All packaging, insurance and shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Once authorized for a return, we'll share our shipping service with you for best rates.

Returns Because of Problem:

If you're having an issue with your e-bike, please contact customer service so we can help you with any problems or questions. Often, the fix is simple and there is no reason to return your e-bike to receive service. If your e-bike needs to be returned for manufacturing flaws, we pay the shipping.

Shipping Damage:

If returning due to shipping damage, please contact us immediately so we can process a shipping insurance claim and promptly replace your e-bike.

Authorized Returns Only:

Acey DC E-Bikes will not accept any unauthorized returns. Please contact us for written authorization before attempting to return your purchase. Unauthorized returns will be refused.


On All Returns - If you're returning an e-bike for any reason other than irreparable manufacturing flaws, a $100 fee will be deducted from the original purchase price. This only partially reimburses us for lost shipping costs and transaction fees from the original purchase.

Used Returns - If the return is rejected due to damage that diminishes its value, or ridden over 10 miles, customer will be contacted to choose a partial refund (minus damages and loss of resale value) or to initiate the e-bike's return to them. Customer pays return shipping at our low rates.

Our return policy effective: (UPDATED: 6/05/2019)

Unopened, Unused

Options: exchange for a different model or refund.

  • Must contact us within 10 days of delivery date.

  • Original box must be free from damage, stains, odors and infestations.

  • Shipping and handling reimbursement fee: $100

  • Customer is responsible for the cost of insurance and shipping on returns. We will share our shipping service with you for below market rates.

Ridden 1 - 9.99 Miles

Options: exchange or refund.

  • Must contact us within 10 days of delivery date.

  • Return is not guaranteed until thorough inspection and testing of the returned e-bike, battery and components. This process could take up to a week.

  • Must be in original condition with no blemishes or damage and under 10 miles on the odometer. No exceptions!

  • Exchanges for color preference are not allowed.

  • Must be returned in the original packaging with all originally included items.

  • Original box must be free from damage, stains, odors and infestations.

  • Used e-bikes will have a $100 fee deducted from the original purchase price:

  • Customer is responsible for securely re-packing all items in the original box and for the cost of insurance and shipping on returns. We will share our shipping service with you for below market rates. If customer is unable to repackage correctly or securely, a bike shop can provide the service at a fee, billable to customer.

"Demo" Returns - Demo/previously used e-bikes cannot be returned, but have a full warranty if any problems occur.

Steps to Requesting a Return:

  1. Contact Customer Service and request a return. Have your purchase information available.

  2. Pack, insure, ship - only after receiving permission

  3. We inspect, test, and verify all paint, parts and components. They must be original, unblemished and in perfect working condition. A battery inspection with testing and BMS data recovery will also be performed.

  4. Only if all inspection and testing is passed will an e-bike be accepted for a refund. If it's rejected because the warranty cannot be re-certified (mileage, damage, excessive wear, condition) we'll contact you and discuss options.

  5. A refund will be issued to the original payment form used.

Avoiding Fees:

If the e-bike just isn't your thing, but one of your friends thinks it's the bee's knees... We'll allow a transfer of the remaining warranty if it's less than 60 days from purchase date and the odometer has less than 50 miles. You must submit the frame number and the new owner's name, address, phone and email.