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How To Buy The Best E-Bike For The Money

Settle For More! Not Less.

So what makes an e-bike the best?

A better e-bike starts with the bike itself, along with a compilation of top-notch components: handlebars, brakes, tires, battery, motor, saddle, accessories, and high-tech.

Once just a novelty back in the 70s, today’s latest generation of e-bikes is faster, quieter, better-looking, and capable of quickly recharging often within a few hours.

Beyond being an eco- friendly way to get around, there are some other big advantages to electric bikes.

Typically, no driver’s license is required and you don’t need to go through the hassle of getting insurance like you do with a Vespa scooter.

With an e-bike, what you do get is a fun, and efficient way to get from point A to point B, easily zip up hills and cruise over tough terrain.

Once you've ridden an e-bike, you’ll be hooked! There's no denying pedelecs (an e-bike’s proper name) are part of a growing trend, a blast to operate, and a worthwhile investment.

So, How Do You Buy The Best E-bike For The Money?

Whether for commuting, adventuring, traveling, exercising, or just for fun, you want to make sure that you purchase the best e-bike that offers at least a two-year warranty, quality components and the best value for the money.

Buying an electric bike is a long-term investment that you want to be able to enjoy for many years. So it’s important to think about, and take into consideration what makes the best e-bike, the best. Consider the following:

Torque Sensor Dual-Pedal Bottom Bracket

It's the "Gold Standard" for pedal assist that makes your e-bike ride and react like a regular bike, yet twice as easy to ride.

Sine-Wave Controller

A sine-wave controller applies power smoothly, makes the motor quieter, reduces motor vibration and creates a consistent and predictable ride.

Geared Hub Motor

The key to a geared hub motor's efficiency is three planetary gears inside the motor. They allow it to run at its peak speed - even when the wheels are turning faster or slower than the motor.

Samsung Cell Batteries

The "fuel tank" for your PAS (Peddle Assist Sensor) a ​Samsung cell battery is synonymous with electric vehicles because of performance and reliability.

Programmable Color Display

A center mounted display is a must-have so you’ll never have to fully take your eyes off where you're riding. And you can quickly see the info you need at a glance - in direct sunlight or even while wearing sunglasses.

Half Twist Throttle

You don't have to buy an e-bike with a throttle, but you'll always be glad it's there! A throttle is a head start for your pedaling when starting from a stop, no matter what gear you stop in. Simply give it a twist to quickly get to pedaling speed.

Aluminum Frames

Strong, safe, light, durable, corrosion and rust resistant. Lightweight aluminum frames are important on e-bikes to offset the weight of the motor and battery. It also makes the electric bike more efficient and easier to pedal than a heavier steel frame.

E-Bike Rated, Flat Resistant Tires

Look for tires that are at least 5mm thick, made of light and flexible rubber containing ceramic particles and synthetic polymer fibers (exceptional strength and thermal stability) that form a puncture resistant, flexible barrier inside the tire, and under the tread area.

Front and Rear Lights

Be certain for safety reasons your new or upgraded e-bike has both a headlight and taillight powered by the main battery and controlled by a thumb control and has a light sensor on the display.

Suspension Forks

Why suspension forks? They’re for smoothing your commute and basic trail riding. With a quick turn of a lock out switch, the suspension forks should be able to lock the suspension for a stiff fork and better battery efficiency when riding on smooth surfaces and hills.

Correctly Geared Drivetrain

Whether you choose an e-bike with an 8 or 10- speed drivetrain, it will be correctly geared for comfortable pedaling at any speed. The shifter will quietly move the chain up and down through the gears with reliable precision - perfect for quickly down-shifting when coming to a stop or to change gears when climbing hills.

Powerful Disc Brakes

A disc braking system is a must-have, one that is specifically set up for use on electric bikes and their extra weight, speed and required stopping force. Look for powerful disc brakes with larger, 180mm discs on the front and rear for amazing stopping power and critically important heat dissipation.

Suspension Seat Post and Saddle

A suspension seat post with 40mm of travel is not a nice to have but a must. Your butt will thank you! You can adjust the rebound (softness) to fit your weight and road conditions with a twist of the cap under the rubber protective boot - no tools required.

Rear Rack

Your e-bike rear rack should be made of aluminum and securely bolted directly to the seat stays. It should have a spring clamp to secure smaller cargo and designed for panniers or saddle bags. Your rear e-bike rack should also feature:

● Tail light and reflector are attached to the rear of the rack or in the rear of the rack battery

● Can hold up to 55 pounds of weight (or more)

● Offers solid construction

As e-bikes grow in popularity, states are devising laws regarding rider age, bike classification, helmet requirements, licensing and which types of electric bikes are permitted on bicycle paths. Make sure to check your state’s requirements.

So, there you have it! How to buy the best e-bike for the money and get the biggest bang for your buck, and the best ride of your life!

Questions? Of course you can always reach out to our team of electric bike experts who love to ride. We would be happy to help you select an e-bike that is right for you!

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